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We review the best baby carriers you can buy

What a discovery!  My sister has been visiting over the last week, and at the weekend she turned up with her little girl in a baby carrier. She offered me a go and I dutifully strapped the baby carrier on and placed our grumbling little one it.

Within about 30 seconds flat he was not only calm, but sleeping peacefully.  Paul Daniels himself could not have worked a better piece of magic.

The following day we hot-footed it to Mothercare to check out the best baby carriers.  The section was limited to say the least, and whilst I’d definitely suggest trying a few on to see what type suits you, if you want to choose from the best baby carriers around, there is a far wider selection available online at other retailers.

Key considerations

The key things we considered when choosing the best baby carrier for us, were:

  1. Comfort for baby
  2. Comfort for us – could we comfortably carry our baby for extended periods?
  3. How it looks
  4. Price
  5. Length of use – how long could our baby use the carrier for?

Mothercare 3 position baby carrier

Best Baby Carriers - mothercare 3 position


  • Comfortable for wearer and baby


  • Very complicated to put on – loads of straps to adjust
  • Not the most stylish choice
  • Only suitable up to 12kgs weight (approx 18 months)

Baby Bjorn Original


  • Very easy to use and put on alone
  • Pretty stylish
  • Ok for small babies


  • Felt like zero lower back support – I could feel it pulling on my lower back within minutes – many complaints online that when baby reached approx 15lbs it became unbearable to use
  • Only usable in two front positions – no back or hip positions

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  2. Michelle on said:

    I think the best and safest carrier is the KiwiPeewee carrier. It is a new carrier on the market where the baby is seated on a seat, supported under the bum in the natural sitting position. It solves the “crotch dangler” problem and is super comfortable. And our baby can face inward OR outward. The problem with the Ergo is that the baby can’t face outward (ours prefers to face outward to see what’s going on), whereas the KiwiPeewee enables both inward and outward. Great carrier.

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